Our Suppliers

At FP Cedar Supply, we are passionate about procuring the highest quality Cedar products, and it all starts with our trusted suppliers.  We go straight to the source and buy directly from the largest producers in the world. 

We have a team of five full-time buyers with over 100 years of industry experience and knowledge to make sure we’re sourcing the absolute best products available month in and month out.  We’ll buy over 8,000,000 board feet of Cedar annually, which is quite a bit of wood!

Our largest supplier is Western Forest Products (WFP).  WFP is the largest Cedar producer in the world and owns and has the rights to more standing Cedar timber than any other producer.  WFP has eight different mills and manufacturing facilities and consistently produces some of the finest quality Cedar.  WFP is also a steward of sustainability, and integral part of their business is growing trees and managing forest health.  Their responsible forest management centers around their commitment to sustainably manage approximately 2 million hectares of forestland according to a 250-year cycle. This includes the collection of seeds, growing seedlings, replanting, habitat planning and conservation, timber harvests and the manufacturing of wood products over this cycle.  It is this symbiotic relationship with this natural resource that makes Cedar one of the most sustainable building products in the world and one of the only Carbon Negative building products available to mankind.