Real Cedar

What is Real Cedar?


Real Cedar is a Vancouver, Canada-based non-profit association representing 27 quality producers of Western Red Cedar lumber products in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Founded in 1954 and known as “the voice of the cedar industry”-the WRCLA (Western Red Cedar Lumber Association) operates customer service programs throughout Canada and the United States to support its members’ cedar products with information, education, and quality standards.

In addition to its Vancouver headquarters, the WRCLA has field offices in both Oklahoma & Washington State, where our cedar specialists offer a Cedar Advisory Service for specifiers, builders & architects, and other cedar consumers. When customers have a question about cedar, the answer is just a phone call away.

Over the years the WRCLA has strived to make its cedar as user-friendly as possible by producing quality products to uniform standards and by providing the construction industry with the information it needs on WRCLA cedar products, their specification, and proper use.

WRCLA activities also include programs on product quality and standards as well as research and new product development. The association sits on many code and standard committees and works closely with FP Innovations.

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